Strategic System Review

System Review Final Report
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Why a System Review?
Nationwide, universities are dealing with declining enrollment, lagging public funding, and rising operational costs. Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education has launched a Strategic System Review of the 14 universities and the Office of the Chancellor to identify ways to turn those challenges into opportunities in Pennsylvania.

There are no preconceptions on the outcome. The review is about finding solutions that are right for Pennsylvania, and ensuring each State System university is able to meet the needs of its students, its region, and the Commonwealth for years to come.  

NCHEMS has been selected to assist with the review by collecting input from students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders through frank and candid conversations about the future of the State System. NCHEMS also is analyzing student, program, and financial data as well as national trends in higher education to provide insights for its recommendations.

"This is our opportunity for bold, strategic thinking. If we are willing to work together and challenge each other, we can shape a stronger future for our universities.
This review will be comprehensive and all-inclusive, and with NCHEMS’ assistance, I’m confident we can achieve an even greater level of excellence for our students.”

Cynthia D. Shapira
Chairwoman, Board of Governors
Project Timeline, News, and Recommendations Presentation