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Latest Updates NCHEMS involvement began March 2017

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May 2017
Having visited every university in the State System and with other stakeholders, NCHEMS is beginning Phase 3 of the strategic review, which includes analysis of the data collected. During this phase, additional input from students, faculty, staff and others will continue to be collected through this website.

April 2017
NCHEMS to visit every university within the State System for face-to-face meetings with students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, community members, etc.; other sessions to be held with university presidents, trustees, elected leaders, labor union leaders, and the Board of Governors.

March 2017
NCHEMS is awarded contract to assist with the Strategic System Review; immediately begins process.

January/February 2017
Prospective consultants submit proposals, which are reviewed by the RFP evaluation committee.

Fall/Winter 2016
Request for Proposal (RFP) developed to select a consultant to assist with the Strategic System Review.

Summer/Fall 2016
Information gathering to prepare for the review, including conversations with other higher education systems facing similar challenges.